UK Africa Media and Democracy Research Network

UK-Africa Media and Democracy Research Network

Co-researchers: Winston Mano and Lynete Lusike Mukhongo

The project focused on engaging in international collaborative research on Media and Democracy. Together with Dr. Winston Mano (University of Westminster, UK), we received a grant from the The British Academy, under the International Partnership and Mobility Scheme to carry out research on media and democracy and launch a collaborative network: UK-Africa Media and Democracy Research Network.

As part of the project, we hosted an international conference in Westminster University, on 29th March 2014, which drew participants from different countries in Africa and Europe. The theme of the conference was Media and Elections in Africa. Thereafter we held a workshop for faculty, journalists, bloggers and graduate students in Nairobi, Kenya, themed: Citizen Journalism and democracy in Africa: New Questions in a New Era

The specific activities carried out by the project included:

  • Selected staff from the University of Westminster, UK and Moi University, Kenya to participate in mutual collaborations on media’s role in elections and democracy
  • Developed and managed budgets for various research initiatives within the project.
  • Organized visiting speakers and events to promote understanding of media and democracy
  • Attended faculty-student seminars, public events and colloquia.
  • Participated in networking activities among academics and journalists
  • Jointly organized short intensive workshops, a conference and and delivered guest lectures

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